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Metabolic prime challenge day 7 & week 1 weigh in

Finished my first week of the MP challenge. Lost 1lb, but no inches. So current weigt 155 lbs.  Started the 2nd week today with phase 1a and burnout. I’m going to try and just do that and some light yoga/piyo on tues/thurs to see if it makes a difference. If not I’ll probably add BBG… Continue reading Metabolic prime challenge day 7 & week 1 weigh in

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Metabolic prime 12 week challengeĀ 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased metabolic prime (MP). It’s a 12 week system that’s geared toward fat loss doing short intense workouts. You do the workouts (15 min long + an optional 5 min hiit) 3x a week along with leisurely walking.  Since I enjoy spending time in the gym, I’m going to… Continue reading Metabolic prime 12 week challengeĀ