Stopping and maybe starting Thyrogold…again

In my last post I talked about my heart rate increasing. Since then I still kept taking thyrogold bit reduced the number of pills. However my resting heart rate kept going up. It went as high as 69 which is more than 10 points from my normal resting HR.   

Physically I felt it too. It was like my heart was beating out if my chest and I was constantly out of breath. My chest ached. I reduced my dosage all the way to 1 pill but nothing changed. It got scary so I stopped taking it. 

The results were almost one immediate.  Within 2 days my heart rate started to slowly come down.  

It’s been about about a week and a half and my heart rate is back to normal.  But then I also gained 4 lbs. not sure if it’s Pms (I’m due to get my period any day) or did my metabolism slow down?

Tomorrow I think I will try taking only 1 thyrogold pill and not increasing the dosage. 


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