Diet · Metabolic Prime challenge · Weekly weigh in

MP challenge week 5&6

I’ve been slacking on the weigh ins. Still going at it with the program and half way through! 

At around the 5 week mark I was at 152. It was so strange because my eating habits have been horrible. Popcorn with butter at nighttime. Almost everyday! Pizza on weekends. I didn’t pig out but just ate whatever I want. 

I usually weight myself everyday just to make sure I’m on track but the scale was going down almost daily! At one point it even read 150.5!  I wasn’t sure what was going on but I was enjoying not being so stressed on what I should eat.  

But alas…. All good things must come to an end. Sunday morning I weighed myself and the scale was 151.5. Monday I weighed myself for the MP tracker and it was 154! WTF?!

I’m going to get my period any day now so could that be it? Anyways. It was fun while it lasted. Thinking I need to cut back on carbs or at least cycle them. I’ve been lazy on the measurements too. I’ll get them done next week.  


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