Exercise · Metabolic Prime challenge · Weekly weigh in

MP challenge week 3 weigh in and day 21

I almost skipped the weigh in and measurement this week. Family is visiting for Easter/spring break and that always means lots of eating! 

So I usually do my normal weekly weigh ins on Thursday. I was surprised bc the scale showed 153! This was after a week of no tracking and just eating whatever. I wasn’t eating junk or over eating but just didn’t think about tracking or calories. Anyways I chalked it up to my getting my period and losing  water weight. I figured that itd go back up after the weekend. 

This morning the scale showed 153.5.  Not sure how come but I’ll take it!  

Inches lost stayed the same as last week.  So in 3 weeks I’ve lost 2.5lbs and 2.75 inches. 

I know that I need to really get my eating on point. I’m curious to see how it wil drive my results. If it really makes a huge difference or not so much. 

   This morning I also started phase 2 of MP. It was nice to change it up. I’m glad to be doing new workouts every 3 weeks. 


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