Estrogen dominance · Hypothyroid

Increased resting heart rate

I noticed that my normally low resting heart rate (less than 60) has gone up in the past couple of weeks.   I’ve always had a low heart rate and doctors would always ask if I was a runner bc it was so low. 

I’m wondering if it’s due to the increase in thyrogold or the addition of DIM to my supliments. 

I’m also wondering if maybe that’s why I had some weight loss last week. Maybe my metabolism is increasing with my heart rate? Not sure if there’s a connection since very fit people have low heart rates and aren’t fat like me! 

Right now I’m on 450mgs of thyrogold. Not comfortable going up to 609 so maybe I’ll stay at 3 pills for now. I’m planning on getting a blood test to see if there’s been any changes to my free t3 levels since starting thyrogold. 



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