Diet · Exercise · Metabolic Prime challenge · Weekly weigh in

MP challenge week 2 weigh in and day 15

Started the final week of phase 1. Thank goodness bc I was getting tired of the workouts! They still kick my a$$ and leave me bent over catching my breath but I’m just ready for something new. 

This morning I drove to the gym and it was closed! Weird bc it’s 24hrs. But I guess they had some power outage. Okay…. Even though the other stores around were all okay. Maybe everyone was just lazy? Anyways drove back home and just did my workout there and then walked around the neighborhood for about 25 min afterwards. 

Did my weekly measurements and was surprised to have lost 3 inches this week! I gained .5 lb though but I’m chalking it up to TOM water weight. My clothes still feel tight ( I refuse to buy bigger clothes so I’m wearing clothes from when I was about 10-15 lighter). Maybe I’m not measuring in the right place? Oh well, let’s see how next week goes. 

Diet wise, the past week was full of poor choices. I was doing pretty good but one night I ended I not bringing dinner to #1 & #2’s baseball game and just ended up eating whatever. Since then I’ve just been either skipping meals then binging on junk. Shamefully last Friday I polished off 4 small cheetos snack bags just because. Then of course I didn’t feel like eating dinner. 

I should start meal prepping. Maybe that will help? 


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