Exercise · Metabolic Prime challenge

MP Challenge day 9

Did phase 1b, burnout and 30 min on the eliptical today at the gym. I’m enjoying the workouts still as it combines weights with cardio and after those 20 min I’m wiped! I really look forward to the low intensity cardio that is supposed to be done afterwards. 

I have to admit though, I’m feeling burnout and somewhat losing motivation to do any type of workout. I just feel like I’m doing all this work and spending all this time and I have nothing to show for it. 

This isn’t related to metabolic prime but just working out in general. I’ve been consistently going to the gym and also working out at home for 7 months and nothing. I think I might be even heavier than when I first started. I’m so close to just giving up and just making do with my size even though I KNOW I’m not meant to look this way. 

I’m debating on if u should take a week break and just stop my workout routine. I’ll shower and dress up before drop off then do groceries or run errands instead. Or go home and clean up and catch up on laundry. Maybe even go out for coffee with a friend. I hate to admit it but sometimes I decline coffee invitations bc I’m following some type of workout routine and don’t want to miss it. But now I’m wondering am I just wasting my time doing this? My body will not cooperate. It shouldn’t be this hard. I’m not overeating but I’m also not starving myself. I’m not gorging on fast food and candy bars. I’m so mad at myself. 

At the same time I’m also scared to stop. What if I’m so close and just give up? What do have to lose by exercising? It’s healthy right? You’ll never regret a workout, but youll regret not doing it.


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