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Metabolic prime challenge day 7 & week 1 weigh in

Finished my first week of the MP challenge. Lost 1lb, but no inches. So current weigt 155 lbs. 

Started the 2nd week today with phase 1a and burnout. I’m going to try and just do that and some light yoga/piyo on tues/thurs to see if it makes a difference. If not I’ll probably add BBG back in again. 

  I see on the MP message board that people r losing like 4-5lbs in a week! I know that it’s my eating that’s holding me back. Every night I’d tell myself “okay no grains tomorrow” and then I’d get derailed at night time. 

During the day I’m pretty good. I’ll have eggs and avocado for brkfast, protien shake (just water and powder) after my workout. Then usually leftover protien and veggies for lunch. My dinner will be good, it’s just so tempting when the rest of the family has their desserts. Chips is my biggest weakness! 

Same for the weekends. We love going out to eat and basically if we didn’t I don’t think we’d have anything to do! Plus I cook m-f and I’m sick of having to think what to cook. I need a break!

I think maybe I just need to get it out of my system. I don’t normally eat chips and junk but lately it’s been so hard to resist. 


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