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MP challenge day 4 & DIM

Did MP phase 1c and burnout this morning. Was supposed to do BBG but I was tired from yesterday, so I did a 20 min yin yoga instead. 

Normally this MP and BBG would be my Friday workout, but tomorrow I have breakfast plans with a friend so I won’t make it to the gym. 

I also started DIM tonight. I don’t think the dosage needs to be increased so will just keep it to the 1 pill a day. 

I really hate having to take all these pills! I feel like an old lady. Here’s the list of suppliments that I’m  currently on: 

Morning upon waking:

  •  thyrogold 2 pills
  • Adrenal support 2-3 pills

With breakfast or lunch:

  • Vit B complex
  • Vit D

After dinner:

  • Multi vitamin
  • Vit C
  • Magnesium (2 pills)
  • DIM

I read that you should also be taking calcium-d-glucarate with it. Arugh! Another pill?


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