Exercise · Metabolic Prime challenge

Metabolic prime 12 week challenge 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased metabolic prime (MP). It’s a 12 week system that’s geared toward fat loss doing short intense workouts. You do the workouts (15 min long + an optional 5 min hiit) 3x a week along with leisurely walking. 

Since I enjoy spending time in the gym, I’m going to tack on the Bikini Body Guide (BBG)plan on top, but only do 1/2 the workout. Meaning doing only one 7 min round for each circuit instead of 2. 

BBG is actually quite similar to MP with regard to the exercises. Except BBG gives specified reps for each circuit. You do each circuit as many times as you can in 7 min, rest, then do the other circuit for 7 min. Twice, so total of 28 min work. 

Meaning I’ll get about 35 min circuit training then I’ll walk on the treadmill for about 25 min. 

Took my before pictures and measurements. They were disappointing to say the least. Especially since I had been tracking in MFP and regularly going to the gym since September. Further proof that there’s something going on with me. 

Hoping that more cardio based workouts and the thyrogold will be what I need to get things back to normal. 


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