Daily entry · Exercise

Thursday workout

I started thyrogold about a week ago hoping to help me increase my free t3 numbers and drop the weight.

I would take it as soon as I woke up and then eat breakfast about an hour to hour and a half later. Side effect wise I didn’t notice any rapid heartbeat etc, but did find that I was quite irritable towards the end of the day. Everything just annoyed me so much. My poor kids had to suffer my wrath. I looked it up and seems that it might have something to do with adrenals? I took a day off and then started back on again today. I’m hoping my body is just getting used to it.

I’m continuing to follow the dosing schedule and will increase to another pill next week and go from there. Food wise my eating hasn’t been great for the past week. Lots of temptation at home with potato chips and just plain laziness to cook.


I’m wrapping up the 4th pretraining week of bbg. I also purchased metabolic prime and there is a challenge group that’s starting on Monday. I was thinking of putting bbg on hold and doing the whole prime program for the 12 weeks. However I did the first prime workout today and I felt like I wanted more. Starting next week my plan is to do both prime and bbg at the same time. Do prime first for the 15 min, then just do half of the bbg for another 15. Basically each circuit once instead of twice. Then walk or elliptical for 25 min. Tues/Thursday will be some type of DVD at home or make up day if I miss m/w/f.


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