Doctors · General history

#3 was born in late June 2012 and my period came back late May 2014. I thought that since I wasn’t having any more kids that my body would finally have a chance to get back to normal. Was I ever wrong! 

I had my physical checkup in late July 2014. I started noticing that I was getting wider and was gaining some weight. Not a lot but enough to make me notice since I was still exercising and eating healthy. I hadn’t been slacking on diet and I just ran a 5k a couple months ago. I was also in the middle of doing Body Beast and Metabolic aftershock.  I literally felt like my butt and hips were getting wider. 

I mentioned to my Dr. that my period came back and I felt that I was gaining weight. My blood work was excellent so she didn’t take me seriously. She told me that I probably was eating too much and I needed to run not lift weights. I needed to eat only 1200 calories. She then told me that I didn’t need to come back for another 3 yrs because I was healthy. WTF! 


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