Diet · General history


I’ve always enjoyed exercising but I also loved to eat. For as long as I can remember I was always trying to lose weight. I have the body type where it’s slow to lose fat but gains muscle and strength easily. Great for a guy not so much for a girl! 
From the age 14 on up I averaged about 130-145 lbs. and wearing a range of size 9-12 and body fat of about 30%. At 5’3.5” its actually a pretty high weight to be at. However I’m pretty proportionate and athletic so I carried the weight well. No one ever took my complaints of being “fat” seriously and some were even shocked when I told them what size pants I wear. 
A year after my 2nd child was born I discovered Paleo/primal and started eating that way. I LOVED it! I always felt better on a lower carb diet and now getting rid of the grains felt so good! I didn’t have the stomach ache, bloating and gas after eating bread and pasta. I started using veggies as a base instead of the normal carbs. I never felt like I was missing out or needed more energy for my workouts. By the time it was #2’s 2nd bday I had leaned out and dropped some weight. I was comfortable in my clothes and enjoyed shopping. I even got a pair of size 7 jeans! I felt great! My body fat was down and I wasn’t hungry at all. Looking back at those pictures my arms and legs looked so lean.
A couple months later I found out I was pregnant with number 3. Since I was at my goal I had let my eating lax and started gaining. But being I was pregnant I just chalked it up to normal pregnancy gains. I continued eating Paleo 75/25 and exercising. I lifted weights the entire time. I took my last body pump class on a Wednesday and had the baby on Friday.  I really thought I had found the lifestyle that best suited my body type. 


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